Parole de bilingue – 3

Comment introduire une autre langue et culture à la maison? Quel rôle joue l’environnement et les personnes qui entourent l’enfant ? Quels supports choisir ? Les multimédia ? Les réponses de Thibaut dans sa chronique Parole de Bilingue[…].

The environment definitely plays a large part in language acquisition. Not only does it provide words and expressions, but also an atmosphere, certain behaviors, body language, voice behavior, etc.. I had the opportunity to travel very early and go back and forth very often. My relatives often came to visit me as well, which gave me cultural exposure outside of the country and besides my mother. So the environment played a huge role. I would also add that films, cartoons, books, songs, audio tapes (that’s what I had in my time!), also played a big part. I would listen to stories on tape again and again and got a lot out of that. As we mentioned in a previous conversation, an infant can’t get much out of a screen. A toddler on the other hand can get quite a lot. So this is another way to be exposed to certain behaviors, ways of thinking, and therefore elements of culture. So travels are important, but so are films, books and music.


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